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Discover the Puy de Sancy

With the Mont-Dore cable car near the hotel


Experience a range of activities at the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Park. The Puy de Sancy, the highest point in Auvergne, sits above Mont-Dore offering panoramic views. To reach the summit of the Massif Central, you can either put your best walking shoes on and brave the uphill climb, or take a more relaxing three-minute cable car ride (five minutes from the hotel).


We recommend you save your energy to explore the summit rather than spend it all on the way up. What’s more, the cable car offers superb views over the faults, gorges and peaks that mark the Sancy landscape.


Once you arrive at the top, the view from the cable car station is breath-taking. At the end of spring, an incredibly green vegetation on the Auvergne volcanoes will give you the impression you’re at Machu Picchu. The summit of Puy de Sancy is not far, but you will need to climb a further 20 minutes up a wooden staircase to reach the altitude of 1886 m. A view over 1/7 of France awaits you. Signs and viewpoint indicators provide you with the names of the most visible summits: Puy Ferrand, Puy de Cascadogne, remarkable sites such as Mont-Dore, Lake Chambon and the Château de Murol, as well as more distant landscapes such as La Banne d’Ordanche and Puy de Dôme.


To discover other plunging views across wild valleys, follow the ridge path towards Puy Ferrand and Puy de la Perdrix for an unforgettable 4-km round trip. The finest views in Auvergne await you, not to mention the extraordinary mountainous flora.


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